Angela Chang

Fighter – Content Creator – Writer

Who is Angela?

Born and raised in New York, I moved to Bangkok in 2016 to see just how far I could take my passion: Muay Thai. 50 fights later, I’m widely recognized as one of the best female fighters in the art of eight limbs. I have an aggressive fighting style that is popular among fight fans and Muay Thai promoters alike.

I’m currently ranked by World Boxing Comission [WBC] MuayThai and World Muaythai Organization [WMO].

In addition to fighting, I’m a writer and content creator. I’ve worked for numerous Muay Thai platforms to deliver unique articles and social media content. I love making content for my own pages, too! I’m using what I learned through my work experience to help brands grow through partnerships.

Fight Philosophy

“Self-honesty is a cornerstone of learning. You can’t get better if you aren’t honest with yourself about your shortcomings, your strengths, and who/what you choose to surround yourself with.”

-Angela Chang, “The Science of Building Champions” Podcast by Don Heatrick

Let’s Work Together

Being a full-time professional fighter is rewarding in many ways – the lessons learned, the people and fans that are met along the journey, and personal fulfillment.

If you own a business and believe our values align, get in touch. We can grow together.

Upcoming Events

I’ve decided to stop updating this section as I’m streamlining my efforts to keep producing content and valuabe information in addition to fighting. HOWEVER… you can get this information delivered to you EVERY MONTH via my newsletter 🙂

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