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Not only is Angela a fighter – she is a writer, content creator, and podcast host. She’s worked for numerous Muay Thai platforms to deliver unique articles and social media content.

Angela created the very first platform to spotlight women in Muay Thai, Muay Ying, to provide news from the women’s fight scene. Angela enjoys making content for her own social media, too!

This experience has helped Angela deliver solid content for her sponsorship deals. As Angela is a full-time professional athlete, she is limited in the amount of work she’s able to take on. She hopes to eventually phase out the amount of freelance work she must take on to sustain her lifestyle in Thialand. Instead, she wants to use these skills to develop professional relationships that will help sponsor her fight career so she can concentrate more efforts on training and fighting.

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MTP Fight Gear (social media management & photography)

Angela is an exceptional SMM who understands engagement, interactions, and how to drive traffic and fans to a channel. She was able to increase metrics every month while staying active within the community as a fighter.

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