ReelEarth: A Muay Thai Pilgrimage

We witness Angela alone in her apartment, writing in her journal. She video chats with her far-away little brother, getting some encouragement before her fight. Angela has sacrificed much for her love of this sport. But despite the distance from friends and family, she is still hungry to learn and keep fighting. 

A Viet-Czech Photographer on Capturing Her Generation of Young Mold-Breaking Asian Women

‘I feel like most of the time Asians, and especially Asian women, end up misrepresented,’ says the New York–based photographer Lucka Ngo of her ongoing portrait series, which spotlights a generation of young women pushing back against the parameters of how Asian woman growing up in the West are traditionally expected to be. ‘I just wanted to show the less ordinary side,’ she adds.

the science of building champions w/ don heatrick

But armed with an incredible mindset, Angela learns from every failure and success along the way. And has built considerable experience in the process.

Fighters like Angela are highlighting the impact that female fighters are making on the world Muay Thai scene – including in Thailand, which traditionally and historically hasn’t been encouraging of women in the sport. This is changing.

There’s a rising tide that can positively shift Muay Thai as a whole.

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Angela Chang has grit. Staying in Thailand long term isn’t easy. Getting in the ring continually is even harder. The Queens Native has a passion for perseverance. Her steadfast commitment to the sport and improving herself is paying off. Learn about her journey in Muay Thai, the growth of the female Muay Thai scene and more.

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Lui Muay Thai is the media company that runs some of Thailand’s most popular weekly Muay Thai promotions: Muay Thai Super Champ and Muay Hardcore.

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The fighter is striving to leave something behind for other women to follow–whether it is through her own fighting career or through the articles she posts online, it all makes it easier for others to put gloves on and get into the ring.

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We get Angela’s first-hand experiences being a female Muay Thai fighter in Thailand as she trains at some of the most prestigious gyms in Bangkok. Another amazing guest and athlete to tell their story here on the Fight Chase Muay Thai & MMA Podcast!