Kensington Tritan Sport Bottle, 20oz – Fueled by Knees and Iced Teas. Perfect for Muay Thai and Kickboxing Workouts


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Stay hydrated in style and express your passion for Muay Thai and kickboxing workouts with the Kensington Tritan Sport Bottle. This 20oz (0.6l) BPA-free water bottle combines functionality and personalized design to enhance your hydration experience.

Crafted with durable Tritan plastic, this single-wall water bottle is built to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle. It’s shatter, stain, and odor-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance. The lightweight construction makes it easy to carry and ideal for both outdoor adventures and city life.

The screw-on spill-resistant lid with a straw provides convenient access to your favorite beverages while minimizing the risk of spills and leaks. Sip on iced teas, refreshing drinks, or your preferred hydration source with ease. The lid secures tightly, giving you peace of mind during workouts or when on the go.

Carry your Kensington Tritan Sport Bottle effortlessly by attaching it to any backpack or bag using the carabiner hook. This convenient feature ensures that you always have your water bottle within reach, whether you’re hiking, traveling, or hitting the gym.

Fuel your body and stay hydrated during intense workouts with this customizable water bottle. The “Fueled by Knees and Iced Teas” design adds a touch of personalization and showcases your love for Muay Thai and kickboxing. It’s an excellent accessory for fitness enthusiasts and those seeking motivation during their training sessions.

Choose a BPA-free and eco-friendly option that supports your active lifestyle. This Tritan sport bottle is free from harmful chemicals, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beverages with confidence. It’s easy to clean, and the durable construction ensures it will accompany you on many adventures to come.

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Quench your thirst with style and functionality. Choose the Kensington Tritan Sport Bottle, 20oz – Fueled by Knees and Iced Teas, and elevate your hydration game during your Muay Thai and kickboxing workouts. Stay fueled, stay hydrated, and conquer every training session.
.: One size: 20oz (0.6l)
.: Material: single-wall durable Tritan plastic
.: Screw-on spill resistant lid with straw
.: Shatter, stain and odor resistant
.: Carabiner hook friendly
.: Lightweight
.: BPA Free

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